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Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Farshid Ahrestani

Sr. Doctoral Fellow

Farshid is a wildlife ecologist who studies the mechanisms that drive the distribution and dynamics of populations and communities in space and time. Farshid is interested in understanding how species and ecosystems are coping and responding to global change. Farshid has studied large herbivores (deer, antelope etc.) for nearly two decades, and is a leading global expert on the ecology of large herbivores in Asia. He is the lead editor of the volume titled “The ecology of large herbivores in South and Southeast Asia” published in 2016.  In 2016-1017, Farshid spent nine months in India as a Fulbright Scholar studying large herbivore ecology with the WCS-India program.

Farshid has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in: Columbia University, USA; Pennsylvania State University, USA; and the Institute of Bird Populations, USA. He defended his doctoral research, “Asian Eden: Large herbivore ecology in India” in 2009 at Wagenegin University, The Netherlands. Farshid has also completed an: MS in Ecology at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, USA: MS in Computer Science at Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA; and BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS, Pilani, India.

In addition to his work as an academic and a conservationist, Farshid have worked as a: software engineer on Wall Street, USA; naturalist at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, India; manager of a rubber estate in Kerala, India; knowledge management consultant at the United Nations, New York, USA; mathematics teacher for underprivileged inner-city high school students, Jersey City, USA; and a radio DJ of reggae music, State College, USA.

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