Restoration & NRM

Boats for fishing and baskets for collecting sea-weed in the Gulf of Mannar.

Restoration and Natural Resources Management

We cover three broad kinds of projects in this programme, which are coastal and marine ecosystems, water resources management and habitat restoration.

Coastal and marine ecosystems have been poorly studied, severely exploited and modified over the years. However, scientific inputs  to management of marine natural resources are sorely lacking or absent. Under this programme we focus on collecting baseline data  and understanding these ecosystems along the Coromandel coast, the Gulf of Mannar and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to provide scientific inputs for better management of marine resources. Data on both the socio-economics of artisanal marine fisheries as well as the species compoisition and habitat condidtions along the coast are studied. We are currently developing a program in marine fisheries which includes fisheries ecology, marine and coastal ecosystem dynamics, coral reef ecology, pelagic fisheries and genetics, and co-management of resources.

Our WRM initiatives include past projects on participatory irrigation management to more recent work on hydrological modelling and examining the watershed development policy in India. We are presently building collaborations with other institutions to develop and implement projects on evaluating watershed services and impacts of climate change on water resources.

our work on restoration of ecosystems is largely limited to coastal regions where we have worked on tropical dry evergreen forests, coastal sand dune system and mangroves. These projects have a high level of community involvement in both planning and implementation of activities.