The Village Resource Handbook

Publication Type: 
Booklets and Manuals
Anupama Pai
Dandhapani S
Rajendran K
Saravanan S
Shivarajan R
Anupama Pai, Benjamin Larroquette, Dandhapani S, Gaspard Appavou, Neil W. Pelkey, Rajendran K, Saravanan S, Shivarajan R, Srinivas V. 2004. The village resource handbook. 1st ed. Pondicherry, India: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning.

This book is a compilation of village level data collected through participatory GIS techniques. Participatory exercises were transferred to a GIS and overlayed with other spatial information, including satellite imageries, to be used for local level planning. The booklet showcases the power of participatory GIS as a tool for involving communities in a process of quantitative assessments of natural resources and their use and management.