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Sustainable Agriculture

  The Auroville area in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry has village incomes that are 3-4 times higher than the surrounding areas. A large part of these incomes has been generated by small artisanal workshops in pottery, ceramics, ironwork, leather, incense, and clothing. These workshops are owned and operated by practising artists. The students visit a variety of these workshops to get a feel for the types of productions and working conditions. They then study both artistic and commercial ceramics and pottery with one of India premier potters — Angad Vohra at the Mantra Pottery in Auroville. They also visit the Pyramids Art School where they explore various techniques in drawing, sketching, painting and sculpture. The Auroville paper factory has also hosted students for this course providing them an opportunity to work along with plenty of women from the neighbouring villages who are the artists.Locations: Auroville
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Neil Pelkey
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Date: 1st Jan 2006 to 1st Apr 2006
Number of Participants: 3
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