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Stakeholders Meeting, Nilgiris


The ongoing project titled: "Hydrologic and Carbon Services in the Western Ghats - Response of Forests and Agro-ecosystems to Extreme Rainfall Events" is due to be completed at the end of March 2016. This project has been supported by the Ministry of Earth Sciences under the Changing Water Cycle Programme.
As we begin consolidating and analysing the large dataset from the numerous field instruments, we would like to share our preliminary findings with the important stakeholders in the region. In the process we hope to:
1) Get stakeholder opinions and views on the data itself and how it may be relevant to their specific spheres of work. In particular we would like to see how the information we collect can contribute to the future management of plantations and restoration of hydrologic services in this region.
2) We have closely collaborated with the District Forest Office of the Nilgiris South range during this project. This has enabled us to broaden our data network and ask specific research questions relevant to management actions taken by the forest department.
 - Can we look forward to building similar networks in our future projects?
 - Can you suggest with who we should be working and in what way we should take such partnerships forward in future projects in this region?
3) We have conducted a few workshops sharing some of our skills and expertise with stakeholders. Is this something we should be pursuing further?
4) We are considering publishing our data on an open access portal. Can we consider pooling our data with other locally collected datasets and making them available to the public in the near future?

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R.S. Bhalla

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Related Project: Hydrologic and carbon services in the Western Ghats: Response of forests and agro-ecosystems to extreme rainfall events
Date: 17th Feb 2016
Venue: Hotel Gem Park, Sheddon Road, Ooty.
Number of Participants: 25

Other Resource Persons

  • Shrinivas Badiger Co-investigator
  • Mahesh Sankaran Co-investigator

Partner Institutes

  • Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment Project Lead
  • National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) Project Co-lead

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