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Stakeholder workshops with members of fishing communities

A series of workshops were held with members and representatives of artisanal fishing communities and owners of mechanised craft during the FIMSUL project. These were organised in the districts of Cuddalore and the Union Territory of Pondicherry. A total of five workshops were held during the project. The initial set of workshops were to consult with the different stakeholders about the nature of the study and methods proposed. The subsequent workshops were to validate the data collected and get suggestions and reactions to the reports prepared for FIMSUL.
Final workshop to validate the report prepared for the FIMSUL project.
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R.S. Bhalla
Principal Investigator

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Related Project: Fisheries Management for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme (FIMSUL)
Date: 8th Dec 2010 to 15th Dec 2010
Venue: FERAL
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