Simple tips for improving yield

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Booklets and Manuals
Dhandapani S
Dhandapani S. 2004. Simple tips for improving yeild. 1st ed. Pondicherry, India: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning.

Agriculture is the predominant occupation in India. 70 percent of its population is either directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Though there is no dearth of innovations in agricultural technology, yet very few farmers get to use them. One of the reasons for this gap is the lack of awareness amongst farmers. Over the last five years, having worked on issues related to water management, farming practices and through close interactions with the farmers, FERAL has been able to assess the current status of agriculture and farmers in the Vanur and Marakkanam Blocks of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. The chief crops in this area are paddy and groundnut. The baseline information collected from farmers on these crops includes costs of cultivation and total expenditure, productivity, awareness of farming practices, fertilizer management and crop protection mechanisms and their associated problems. This booklet is a compilation of information and experiences and provides practical information to farmers. It is also meant to generate awareness amongst farmers.