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Setting Up Community Based Water and Sanitation Facilities

TitleSetting Up Community Based Water and Sanitation Facilities
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsVarampath, A, Bhalla, RS, Appavou, G

A number of simple steps can ensure that community based water and sanitation projects have a higher likelihood of success. This manual is based on a collection of field experiences from Tamil Nadu and is a practitioners diary of lessons learnt. Most of these experiences are from work done under a project entitled “Community-based Water and Sanitation Facilities and Capacity Building of Local Residents for Adaptation to the Calamity in Coastal Areas in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India”. This project was supported by the UN-HABITAT and involved sixteen villages in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. During the course of the project, the field teams had to overcome a range of obstacles and challenges. Given this was a community based project, many of these were of a non-technical nature but equally important as any purely physical activity that we undertook.
This manual tries to address both the social and technical components of the project and attempts to present what we believe are best practices for project attempting a similar intervention. Further, it discusses the logistic and accounting systems that were used to ensure the project functioned smoothly and transparently. It is written for any individual or group interested in implementing water and sanitation programmes across fifteen to twenty villages. While the lessons presented here can be used to design larger projects, the logistic arrangements discussed here would not be entirely applicable.
This is a practitioners manual and while it presents a protocol for implementing similar projects, it is not meant to be prescriptive. Field conditions vary across regions and we expect the reader to make adequate allowances for local situations.

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