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Participatory GIS

     A five day programme introducing GIS to geography teachers from Pondicherry was held on the request of the Education Department of Pondicherry. The department has been an important source of support for many programmes conducted by FERAL and this was an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for the same. The workshop started with a historical background to the science of geography and mapping followed by an introduction to concepts in mapping including practical exercises on to concepts such as coordinate systems and projections. Finally the teachers had a two day hands on session on using a GPS and basic digitising using Q-GIS, an open source GIS package. The Jawahar Navodaya school, Kalapet (Pondicherry) made its excellent computer facilities available for this course.
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Related Project: CLEAN – India Program, Pondicherry
Date: 10th Aug 2009 to 14th Aug 2009
Venue: Education Department of Pondicherry

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  • Pondicherry Education Department Event Host

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