Networking and data support to the Western Ghats Portal


To strengthen the Western Ghats Portal in terms of baseline datasets, community involvement and strategic planning for extending its activities and outreach.

The relevance of the proposed work lies in increased engagement of the WGP with the conservation research community and enlargement of its data sets and installed capacity. The latter refers to the increased expertise in open source GIS and remote sensing that will be made available to the WGP network.

Proposed Work/Status: 
  1. Data Curation: Baseline datasets derived from other datasets or based on primary work will be curated and made available to the WGP. Quality control (QC) norms and metadata requirements for the data will be formalised along with the IFP team. A conceptual framework for the identified themes will be prepared to facilitate replication of the analysis by WGP members.

  2. Networking: Interested individuals in 4 to 6 institutes will be identified and drawn into the WGP effort.

  3. Capacity building: These institutions will optionally receive training in applications of OSGIS/RS with a focus on standardisation of datasets so they meet required QC norms and metadata requirements of the WGP.

Panel showing output of an erosion model run on the Karnataka portion of the WG.
Output of an erosion model run on the Karnataka portion of the Western Ghats.
Investigators (FERAL): 
  • R.S. Bhalla's pictureR.S. Bhalla
Collaborating Institutes: 
Project Area: 
Western Ghats
One year.