Maintenance and Monitoring of Restoration Sites


This is a follow up of the PTEI project covered earlier, which was successfully concluded at the end of 2008. The project has three primary objectives:

  1. to maintain and protect five restoration sites through established eco-restoration committees and replant and replace dead saplings where necessary;
  2. to monitor sapling survival and growth in these sites to draw lessons about the restoration strategies followed;
  3. to build upon existing links with the Forest Department and District Administration and push for community based habitat restoration as at a policy level.

Most of all this project will strengthen established links with the local communities who have contributed substantially to the achievements of the earlier project and who ultimately control the fate of these sites.

Proposed Work/Status: 
  1. Constant protection and maintenance of sites so that saplings have been established and attained a height of up 3 metres.
  2. Repeated interaction with the concerned community representatives and broad consensus in the villages that the sites need to be protected from grazing and removal of plants.
  3. Replanting of dead saplings and of areas that were damaged by cattle after initial planting efforts. This allowed the project to overcome earlier setbacks and consolidate existing efforts.
Investigators (FERAL): 
  • R.S. Bhalla's pictureR.S. Bhalla
Project Area: 
Coromandel coast, Tamil Nadu
March 2009 - December 2009