Long term funding Mechanism – Gulf of Mannar


FERAL has been selected to develop and put in place working mechanisms for long term funding to sustain the Trust and associated conservation activities within the Biosphere Reserve area after the current funding period ends in 2012. We have held several important meetings with NGO’s, GO’s Self Help Groups and, officials from GOMBRT, UNDP, Forest Department GoT, Fishery Department GoT, Revenue Department GoT and District Development Officers. We are currently drafting the midterm report of the project. The final report will be submitted in October 2011.

Our deliverables towards the project are:

  • Fund Feasibility Report
  • SHG Marketing Report
  • Alternate incomes report
  • Institutional Stakeholders Report
  • Fund Management Packages
  • GOI Contribution Modalities Report
  • Stakeholder workshop to summarize the LTFM
  • Identification of sources for long-term
  • Identification of collaborative agencies (government and non-government) for broad-basing funding of research and development projects.
Boats and baskets - fish and sea weed, the mainstay of the community.
Boats and baskets - fish and sea weed, the mainstay of the community.
Investigators (FERAL): 
  • Benjamin Larroquette's pictureBenjamin Larroquette
  • Neil W Pelkey's pictureNeil W Pelkey
  • R.S. Bhalla's pictureR.S. Bhalla
Project Area: 
Gulf of Mannar, Ramanathapuram and Tuticorin Dt. of Tami Nadu
October 2010 - December 2011