Landscape Assessments of the Kalivelli Basin Mid Term Project Report

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Progress Reports
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K.V.Devi Prasad
Mid Term Project Report for Project No. NRDMS/11/1171/06 August 2009


Landscape assessments for watershed management encompass a range of tools and technologies. These include landscape models which are closely integrated with GIS and remote sensing as well as a host of field methods and data collected through specialised equipment. The difficulty in accessing and collecting data required for GIS based tools is a major challenge in assessing the status of watersheds in India. In addition, there is limited literature available that would help potential users in setting up these tools for policy and management applications in watershed development or restoration. Yet another hurdle that presents itself repeatedly is high costs of software that is often considered “standard” for GIS and remote sensing applications. Much of the academic and professional community in India remains oblivious of the rapid gains open source GIS and spatial analysis has made in the recent years.