Landscape Assessments of the Kalivelli Basin


This project set out to utilise tools for landscape assessments as a method for evaluating the common guidelines for watershed management in India. As a result, three manuscripts were submitted to international journals. One of these was published online in 2010 and is scheduled to be printed in 2011. The other two are presently under revision based on comments of reviewers. Two theses, one PhD (which forms the bulk of the report) and a M.Sc. were produced. Other than these visible achievements, the project has haled test and standardise the setup of low cost hydrological monitoring stations. It has allowed the comparison between open source software GRASS and a commercial remote sensing package, IDRISI, which is presently being prepared as a manuscript.

Finally, the project has resulted in collaborations between researchers at ATREE, Bangalore, University of Dundee, Scotland and Cranfield University, Britain. These collaborations are being formalised as a follow up proposal on comparisons of ecosystem services from watersheds which will shortly be submitted to NRDMS for consideration.

Stilling well being fabricated on site.
A stilling well being fabricated on site.
Investigators (FERAL): 
  • R.S. Bhalla's pictureR.S. Bhalla
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Kalivelli watershed, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu
3 years