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Introductory workshop on GIS and GPS

This is an intense three day hands-on workshop comprised of tutorials and exercises for persons new to GIS and GPS. Participants will learn the basics of vector GIS and how to collect spatial data on smartphones and tablets using forms.The team conducting the workshop has over a decade of experience in using and teaching the subject. Materials and tutorials being used for this course and other courses conducted by FERAL are available for free on the FERAL course management site. 

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are essential tools for a range of applications across disciplines. Unfortunately, there are not many avenues outside a formal degree, to get a basic grounding in GIS and the use of GPS for navigation and spatially explicit data collection. This is an attempt to fill in this gap through an intense three day, workshop.Given that GIS and GPS is a vast topic, the number of topics we will cover depend on the pace at which participants are able to maintain. In a typical workshop we cover the following:

  • Import, view, edit and manage spatially explicit data in a number of vector formats.
  • Manage attributes and data stored in tables.
  • Georeference maps and imageries.
  • Digitise maps.
  • Analyse and manipulate vector data using geo-processing routines, database features, research and analysis tools.
  • Use QGIS along with GPS units and GPS enabled smartphones to collect waypoints and navigate.
  • Make publication quality maps.

If time permits the following additional topics will be covered:

  1. Pair QGIS with a popular on-line form design and data collection system - EpiCollect.net, to collect and map spatially explicit data on GPS equipped smart phones.
  2. Convert between different data formats and upload data to web based applications such as OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps.


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R.S. Bhalla
Senior Doctoral Fellow
Kumaran K
Jr. Research Fellow

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Date: 17th Jun 2016 to 19th Jun 2016
Venue: FERAL campus - Morattandi
Number of Participants: 20

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