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Introduction to GIS & RS using Quantum GIS

Long workshop at SCCS on day 3. The workshop is for people new to GIS and remote sensing and aims to provide a quick hands-on introduction on an open source, easy to learn software: Q-GIS. The workshop runs through basic elements of GIS and remote sensing using canned datasets including geo-referencing, digitising, raster algebra, image compositing and map-making.

Participants MUST bring with you a laptop with a working installation of Quantum GIS. We suggest you install the latest version QGIS 2.18.12 'Las Palmas' which released on 18.08.2017 as there are differences between each version release. The QGIS site is here: <http://www.qgis.org>.
Once you've got QGIS installed, please install the following plugins. You can do this from the plugin>>manage&install plugins menu.
1. mmqgis
2. Group Stats
3. OpenLayers Plugin
4. Table Manager
The files required for the workshop are available below.

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R.S. Bhalla
Senior Doctoral Fellow
Rajat Ramakant Nayak
Sr. Research Fellow

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Date: 23rd Sep 2017
Venue: SCCS Bangalore
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