FERAL: Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning

Consulatative workshop for conservation of arboreal mammals in southern western ghats

A one day workshop brings together wildlife scientists, managers and conservationists to plan and discuss conservation strategies for arboreal mammals in the southern western ghats. The foundations for the workshop is based on field results from an year long survey covering various parts of this ~12,000 sqkm of forested landscape. Results from these surveys were used to identify high priority conservation sites.This consultative workshop aims to address gaps in conservation and bring together scientists. managers and practitioners to discuss possible legal designations for these high priority sites. Also to assess potential shortfalls in achieving these targets, and possible solutions to over come these shortcomings.
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Srinivas Vaidyanathan
Principal Investigator

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Related Project: Gap analysis of the Periyar- Agastyamalai landscape for arboreal mammal conservation
Date: 23rd Feb 2013
Venue: Thiruvananthapuram
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