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Co-management meetings at district level

    These conferences were the culmination of a series of village level meetings with representatives of artisanal fishing settlements and involved representatives of artisanal fishers, department of fisheries, FAO-UNTRS team from Chennai, partner NGOs who facilitated FERAL in this project and representatives from FERAL itself. Three district level conferences were held in the districts of Cuddalore (September 2008), Villupuram (August 2008) and the U.T. of Pondicherry (June 2008).
A co-management meeting in progress. Some of the discussions were quite animated given the conflicting positions of the participants
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Tara Lawrence
Principal Investigator

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Related Project: Co Management Fisheries along Coramandel coast
Date: 1st Jun 2008 to 1st Sep 2008
Venue: Pondicherry, Anichankuppam and Chidambaram
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