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Bird watching trip to Kalivelli and Ousteri

Students from the School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences joined FERAL in conducting two pre-monsoon, pre-migratory season bird watching trips to the Kalivelli and Ousteri lakes on the 19th and 20th of September respectively. The forest department kindly gave permissions for the field trip. Data from the trips will be uploaded onto the e-bird portal and hopefully will give some insights into the changes in species richness and abundance when the follow up bird watching trip is organised in January.People interested in joining the second trip in January should contact Kumaran.K at the FERAL office.
Participants comparing notes after the bird trip
Painted storks at Kalivelli were the among the first to greet us.
A Cinnamon Bittern next to a patch of dried reeds at Kalivelli.
A litle egret at Ousteri.
Stilts and storks at Ousteri.
This painted stork was the first bird to be spotted when we reached Ousteri.
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Kumaran K
Jr. Research Fellow

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Venue: Kalivelli and Ousteri Lakes
Date: 1st Sep 2015

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