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Assessing Opportunities for Livelihood Enhancement and Diversification in Coastal Fishing Communities

        One of the major contributions of the FAO-UNTRS programme was the use of participatory tools and analytical techniques to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the artisanal fisheries sector. A pioneer institute involved in this process is the Integrated Coastal Management institute at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh who have developed a framework for collection and analysis of data pertaining to livelihood enhancement and diversification or LED. The workshop  was attended by partner organisations on the project and a representative of the Fisheries Department. Techniques that were learnt during this workshop were incorporated into the data collection and analysis for the FAO-UNTRS project and were applied for a survey of 62 villages.
The field trial of LED framework was a crucial component of the workshop
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Tara Lawrence
Principal Investigator

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Date: 14th May 2008 to 16th May 2008
Venue: Chidambaram

Partner Institutes

  • Integrated Coastal Management ICM Event Host
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