E Somanathan

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Baseline surveys for designing and implementing payments for ecosystem services in the Western Ghats, India

The study is being carried out in the Shencottah gap with a primary focus of improving habitat connectivity between the Agasthyamalai and Periyar-Srivilliputhur hill ranges and complements our study to identify critical areas for wildlife corridors. The project targets two conservation priorities, the first is to develop incentive based mechanisms to encourage land use changes by land holders in the area that would lead not only a healthier and more productive forest, but also expansion of area under forest cover.

Bridging the Shencottah Gap: How Payments for Ecosystem Services Can Restore Biodiversity Outside Protected Areas in India

The Shencottah gap has been recognised as one of the critical wildlife corridors that needs to be immediately restored to ensure long term sustenance of wildlife populations in the Periyar-Agastyamalai complex. It has also been acknowledged that critical wildlife corridors are likely to pass through productive human landscapes, thus necessitating involvement of local communities and individuals in restoring and maintaining connectivity.